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About the Hero’s Guild


Ernie Laurence, Jr. is the author of the Islands of Loar series and the creator of the Hero’s Guild Septiverse, which spans more than forty novels including the Homeworld Saga (Demon War Trilogy, Revenaunt War Trilogy, Jaar’macin War Trilogy), the Hero’s Guild Saga (Tales from the Guild, Curse, and Darksoul), the Darksoul Saga (Godslayer, Spellwrath and Prism, Those Whom He Loves), and many more including those to come.


Ernie grew up in central Texas and graduated from Tarleton State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems.  He has worked for Warthog Studios and Sony Online Entertainment as a writer and game designer for both a Lord of the Rings RPG and Star Wars Galaxies.  Since 2005 he has been married to an aquatic half-elf druid, raised three wildly intelligent and independent children, and taught high school Physics and Math.


The goal of Hero’s Guild Publications is to provide quality entertainment that can be trusted by parents for age appropriate content that focuses on American values with a foundation on Biblical morals.


Copyright:  All content on this website and the sub-site, HGd10, is copyright Ernie Laurence, Jr. (1993).